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Béarnaise Sauce with your Robot Cook®

Béarnaise Sauce in exactly 10 minutes!


The Robot Cook® emulsifies sauces perfectly. Calling all restaurant owners and caterers! This cooking cutter-blender is what you’ve been looking for! Self-reliant and meticulous, this perfect assistant will optimise your time and that of your team. You only need 10 minutes to produce the perfect Béarnaise Sauce – the choice accompaniment for grilled meat and fish!


Easy to use, the Robot Cook® will quickly become your new ally in the kitchen.  Nothing could be more practical. You simply put all the ingredients in the bowl and let it take over. It’s easy to see how your emulsion is progressing. You can keep a constant eye on your preparation while carrying out other tasks and you’ll love the silence of its powerful motor. The heating temperature and rotary speed can be adjusted instantly. In next to no time, a perfectly homogenous Béarnaise Sauce is ready to go. All it needs is a little seasoning. The chef’s touch!


Always keep one step ahead in the field of creativity with Robot Cook® - your teams and customers will always be the winners! 

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