Launch of CL 60 Workstation !

To serve institutions, Robot Coupe has invented the Complete Veg’Prep Workstation. Designed as a complete multi-function workstation, this new concept incorporates under one unique reference :


  • CL60, the stainless steel vegetable preparation machine
  • 3 Feed Heads for all kind of Fruit and Vegetables : Automatic Feed Head - Pusher Feed Head -Tubes Feed Head
  • MultiCut Pack of discs
  • Ergo mobile trolley
  • Potato ricer


CL60 Workstation offers :


  • Productivity without compromising quality intensive and long-term use, up to 1 800 kg/hour !

The CL60 combines intensive production with a perfect quality cut.


  • Ergonomic design to best serve the professional’s needs.

A complete multi-function workstation to optimize production and fast service, this is the perfect answer to what professionals in institutions require in terms of efficiency, operator comfort and ergonomics.


  • Creativity to promote healthy eating options.

Offering original and creative compositions by using fresh fruit and vegetables in season.

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