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Whether sweet or savory, your risottos will be perfect with Robot Cook®


Add a little Italian flair to your menu with a risotto!  Its creamy, velvety taste will make it an immediate favourite. Nothing could be easier with Robot Cook®, the first professional cooking cutter blender to meet the quality requirements of both traditional and gourmet restaurants

First step: moisten with white wine. Next step: add chicken or fish stock. With the R-Mix function, the blade turns in the opposite direction of the cutting edge. It mixes the grains without chopping or cutting them.

You, as a Chef, know what that means! You can save the 18 minutes you would have spent stirring the rice so that it won’t stick to the pan and devote more time to preparing the other ingredients in your recipe at the last minute: asparagus, wild mushrooms, seafood, etc. Then, right at the end, add a dob of butter and some Parmesan to give your risotto that creamy consistency everyone loves. Now all you have to do is plate it!

And be creative: risotto can also be sweet. Let your Robot Cook® help you make all your desserts. Replace the stock with milk or fragrant tea. Adjust the rice cooking time according to the type of liquid used. Then you can flavour the preparation with vanilla and top with fresh seasonal fruit.

The perfect combination of technology and innovation, the Robot Cook® is the best way to optimise food preparation time. – Email :

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