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The perfect crème anglaise with your Robot Cook®

You’re sure to produce the perfect crème anglaise with your Robot-Cook


Nothing could be easier than making a perfect crème anglaise with your Robot-Cook. As a professional, you are looking for solutions to optimise the time spent on preparations. Robot Cook, the perfect cook's assistant for busy chefs, frees up precious time for making recipes that require greater attention. Crème anglaise, a great classic in terms of dessert sauces, is now child’s play.


The success of crème anglaise depends on 2 basics: cooking over slow heat and rapid execution. Your Robot-Cook guarantees that your crème will be cooked at the right temperature with constant stirring and no risk of boiling over, providing precious help that will free up your attention and time. The cooking cutter-blender produces guaranteed results every time. Your crème anglaise will coat your spoon perfectly! The Robot-Cook is a silent assistant, offering greater serenity in the kitchen.


Serve your crème anglaise cold with a floating island, chocolate cake, ice-cream, French toast and many more.

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