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A home-made seasonal fruit salad

Spring is in the air and everyone wants fresh fruit salad. Treat your patrons to food that is fresh, tasty, colorful, light and full of vitamins. Robot Coupe's CL50 vegetable preparation machine is both rapid and precise. With more than 50 different types of disks and cuts, you can combine any fruit in season whether temperate or exotic: strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, kiwis, apple, mango, banana, dragon fruit and many more.

No more time wasted chopping fruit by hand! The Robot-Coupe vegetable preparation machine is a wonderful time-saver and lets your staff focus on preparations that require greater skill. Whether you want your fruit sliced, diced or julienne, you only need 1 minute to process 4 kg of fruit with the CL50! Glazed cuts are perfectly regular and will keep your fruit salad looking good until the last piece is gone. As a result, your patrons will be satisfied and less food will be wasted.

Producing your own fresh fruit combinations means that you can add the "home made" label to your menu. Decorate your fresh fruit salads with dried fruit, pine nuts, fresh mint and basil leaves, plus a couple of berries such as red currants and raspberries. Customize your dessert with a light almond milk syrup, flavored with vanilla or cinnamon.

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