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Products benefits

Exactitube pusher
The new Exactitube pusher means that even the smallest ingredients such as chillis, gerkins, pickles, dry sausage, bananas, strawberries and grapes, can be cut into regular slices, by reducing the diameter of the opening.

Improved Ergonomics
New handle design requires less effort from operator.

Lateral Ejection
Space-saving design and greater user comfort.

Extra Precise
Cylindrical hopper (Ø 58 mm) ensuring a uniform cut for long items.

Extra large
The XL hopper can accommodate with a whole cabbage or up to 15 tomatoes.

Technical characteristics

Power 750 Watts (Single phase) or 900 Watts (3-phase)
Voltage Single phase or 3-phase
Speed(s) 375 rpm (Single phase) or 375 rpm and 750 rpm (3-phase)
Operating time up to 300 kg/h
Available discs 50
Number of covers 50 to 400