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Ruby Red Juice

Ruby Red Juice

Made with :

J 80

J 80

J 100

J 100


For 4 Glasses :

300 g strawberries

3 carrots

¼ pineapple


Preparation: Peel the pineapple. Wash the strawberries but do not remove their stalks as they will automatically be discarded in the waste container.

Process ¼ pineapple, strawberries and carrots in this order in the J 80 Ultra/J 100 Ultra centrifugal juicer. Shake well.

Decoration: serve with cut strawberries.

Benefits: Pineapple is full of fibres, so good for digestion.

Strawberries, rich in vitamins, boost your immune system.

Another idea: Spice up your juice with vanilla, cardamom or


Robot-Coupe tips: The Ultra juicer can process carrots whole 2 - 3 at a time.