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Vegetable Preparation Machines

CL 55 2 Feed-Heads

Single phase or Three phase Picto couverts 300 - 1200

This floor standing unit is designed to cut large amounts of vegetables in no time at all. Robust, efficient, easy to clean and offering the widest variety of cuts. Gain consistency and save hours in mise en place: slice, grate, julienne, ripple cut, french fries, dice and even puree.



Large output: Extra large hopper

The very wide opening is designed to process whole cabbage, lettuce or take up to 15 tomatoes at a time.
Extra Ergonomic
- Lever with assisted movement = less effort for the operator
- Equipped with an automatic lever-operated restart to save time and for greater comfort

Automatic feed-head

- The continuous feeding combines a high output without compromising quality of cuts.
- Ideal for bulk processing of sliced or diced ingredients (mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, potatoes) or making French fries.


Heavy duty motor unit

All metal bowl and lid, and stainless steel motor base
Powerful motor
- Industrial induction motor for heavy duty use guarantees durability and reliability.
- Motor built on ball bearings for silent running without vibration
- No brushes
- Stainless steel motor shaft

Easy to use

The Stainless steel mobile stand equipped with wheels and brake gives the perfect operating height. It accomodates full size gastronorm containers allowing you to prepare large quantities with minimum fuss.


Heavy duty construction designed for intensive use.

Flawless glazed cut

Complete range of more than 50 discs  with high-precision sharpening for the highest quality cuts..


Almonds Slicer
0.6 mm
0.8 mm
1 mm
2 mm

Characteristics and product comparison

CL 55 2 Feed-Heads
CL 60 2 Feed-heads
CL 60 Workstation
Yes Yes Yes
Wattage 900 W or 1100 W 1500 W 1500 W
Voltage Single phase or Three phase Three phase Three phase
Speed(s) 375 rpm for Single phase,
375 - 750 rpm for Three phase
375 to 750 rpm 375 - 750 rpm
Feed tube(s) Automatic feed-head, Pusher feed head with Full moon hopper 4.4 L,
Cylindrical hoppers Ø 58 mm and Ø 39 mm, Exactitube pusher
Stainless steel automatic feed tube,
Full moon pusher feed-head 4.9 L,
Cylindrical hopper Ø 58 mm and Ø 39 mm,
Exactitube pusher - Included
Stainless steel automatic feed head
Full moon pusher feed head 4.9 L
Cylindrical hopper Ø 58 mm and Ø 39 mm,
Exactitube pusher - Included
4 tubes: 2 Ø 50mm tubes and 2 Ø 70mm tubes
Bowl - Stainless steel -
Lid and bowl Metal - Metal
Effective throughput (kg/h) 400 600 600
Motor unit Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Mobile stand Stainless steel - Equipped with 2 wheels and brakes - -
Equipped with - 1 adjustable foot for all floor types,
2 wheels,
1 stainless steel container for cutting attachments,
1 adjustable foot, 2 wheels, 1 stainless steel container to store cutting attachments
Discs Not included Not included MultiCut pack of 16 discs - Included
Net weight (kg) 42 69 -
Gross weight (kg) 61 95 150
Accessories - - Ergo mobile trolley with 3 GN1x1 gastronorm containers , Disc storage with 1 GN1x1 gastronorm container, 3 mm mashed potato equipment - Included
(L x W x H) mm
865 x 396 x 1270 460 x 770 x 1355 335 x 560 x 1300
This product
More information More information

Product documentation

    • Product brochure 1.37 Mo
    • Disc collection 2.28 Mo
Picto cadenas Are you a distributor or kitchen planners ? Other files available for download
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