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Automatic Sieves

C 80

Single Phase 120 V Picto couverts 1 - 200

This space-saving and easy to move table-top automatic sieve is designed to help you create fruit coulis and purées, vegetable mousses, sauce bases, bisques and fish soups by separating pips, stones, fibres and carcasses without crushing them. The continuous feed system makes it easy to use and a great time saver.




Continuous feeding of washed ingredients that have not been shelled, seeded or cooked.

Perforated basket

The products fall inside the basket where they are centrifuged.


System of paddles rotating at 1725 rpm, causing the ingredients inside the basket to be separated by centrifugal force.

Finished product ejection chute

The ready to use pulp is ejected here and is free of pips, stones, skin, fibres and bones.

Waste ejection chute

For skins, pips, stones, tails, bones, shells, fibres to dispose of, or pass a second time.


Perforated basket 0.5 mm (1/64”) Perforated basket 1 mm (1/32”) Perforated basket 3 mm (1/8”)

Characteristics and product comparison

C 80
C 120
Yes Yes
Power 3 / 4 HP 1 HP
Voltage Single Phase 120 V Single Phase 120 V or 3 phase 220 V
Speeds 1725 rpm 1725 rpm
Output 60 kg/h 120 kg/h
Continuous feed Yes Yes
Continuous waste ejection Yes Yes
Bowl Stainless steel Stainless steel
motor unit Stainless steel Stainless steel
Base - Stainless steel
Hopper Stainless steel Stainless steel
Countertop model Yes -
Floor model - Yes
Strainer 1 mm perforated basket - Included 1 mm perforated basket - Included
Gross weight (Lbs) 48 115
(W × L × H)
26" x 18.5" x 22.5" 34.5" x 23" x 40"
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