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Table-top cutter mixers

R 5 V.V.

Single Phase 120 V Picto couverts 50 - 200

The must for pastry and kitchen chefs!
With its bowl-base twin-blade assembly - a Robot-Coupe innovation - it is the ideal assistant in your kitchen. All preparations can be made by simply pressing a button: emulsions and sauces; mince meat and fish; chop onions, herbs and spices; grind nuts, chocolate or praline; knead dough.


Cutter bowl

5.9 L stainless steel bowl.
Process large quantities to save time.

Bowl-base twin-blade assembly

To process both large and small quantities.


countdown and stopwatch.
Essential for standardising your recipes with maximum precision.

Ergonomic handle

Soft touch handle designed for more comfort and for a firm and secure grip.


- Variable speed for more flexible use and a greater variety of applications: 300 to 3500 rpm.
- R-Mix® function
To mix delicate ingredients without chopping.
The R-Mix® function is designed for reverse rotation mixing at variable speed of 60 to 500 rpm to incorporate whole pieces of meat, crayfish tails, brunoises and diced vegetables to pates and terrines, whole raisins to buns, etc.

Powerful motor

- Industrial induction motor for heavy duty use guarantees durability and reliability.
- Motor built on ball bearings for silent running without vibration
- Direct drive motor:
 • Extra power
 • No belts
 • No maintenance
- No brushes
- Stainless steel motor shaft


Smooth blade Coarse serrated blade Fine serrated blade Blade cleaning tool

Characteristics and product comparison

R 5 V.V.
R 7 V.V.
R 8
Yes Yes Yes
Power 2 HP 2 HP 3 HP
Voltage Single Phase 120 V Single phase 120 V 3-Phase 208 - 240 V
Speeds 300 to 3500 rpm 300 to 3 500 rpm 1800 - 3600 rpm
Timer Yes Yes -
Pulse Yes Yes Yes
Motor base Metal Metal -
Bowl 5.9 L stainless steel bowl 7,5 L stainless steel 8 L stainless steel bowl
Blade(s) Stainless steel smooth "S" blade - Included Stainless steel smooth "S" blade - Included 2 adjustable stainless steel smooth "S" blade assembly - Included
R-Mix Yes Yes -
Gross weight (Lbs) 55 77 100
Accessories - - Mini Bowl option
(W × L × H)
25,59"x19,41"x15,39" 22 7/8" x 13 11/16" x 11" 19" x 31.5" x 31"
This product
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Product documentation

    • Sales brochures 2.62 Mo
    • Safety and operating instructions 1.1 Mo
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